Sericin Re-booting Sustainability


由于丝胶固有的保湿和成膜特性而成为化妆品最广泛使用的成分之一。丝胶蛋白衍生自蚕蛾(Bombyx mori,一种鳞翅目全代谢昆虫)和蓖麻蚕(Samia cynthia ricini,也称为“樗蚕”)。在纺织工业中,丝胶在脱胶过程中大部分被去除。RESPHARMA的创新成分采用“零废料”的方法,将纺织过程中的副产品转化为功能性的化妆品成分。

Moripure silk aqua

Moripure® SILK AQUA 

INCI: Silk Extract (and) Pentylene Glycol
MORIPURE® SILK AQUA is the best expression of sustainable total recovery of degumming water. It is ideal to add sustainability to each formulation. MORIPURE® is our selection of active ingredients derived from silk : the result of a sustainable recovery of Silk By-products, selected and appropriately differentiated to offer a complete range of cosmetic choice. 100% recovery waste. China Listed. 

Resoma Seripure


INCI: Glycerin (and) Aqua (and) Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (and) Lecithin (and) Sericin
RESOMA® SERIPURE liposome skin-mimetic acitve ingredient with naive-pure sericin silk protein. Obtained in a sustainable way, starting form silk processing residues. Ideal to develop Re-texture skin care. Formulation with unique sensoriality. Up 30% recovery waste. 
China Listed.

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