A Smart and Easy Way to Formulate Skin Care

Resconcept®, thanks to its absolutely unique rheological and stability characteristics, is recognized by the most experienced formulators as the range of hyperfluid emulsions par excellence. 

Easy to use as solid formulation building blocks or to develop finished products in ultra-fast times. Resconcept® emulsions allow you to create complete Skin Care lines in just a few steps by using a cold manufacturing process.  It’s really true, there is a Resconcept® for every idea.


Smart Solutions for Suncare Products

Resconcept® are extremely stable concentrated cosmetic emulsions that can be used as frame emulsions for the production of sun products. The formulator can use an emulsion frame on which he can use his creativity to build original, modern and quality

The Resconcept® range therefore offers intelligent solutions ready for the creation of sun protection products with different SPFs and suitable for spray, aerosol or BOV (Bag-On-Valve) dispensers. 


Drops of Technology Transforming Water into Beauty Care Lotions

The perfect solutions to create a personalized smart wipe lotion. A ready to use mild surfactants blend for cosmetic wipes.