Resplanta® Babassu MB


RESPLANTA® ingredients are produced using an exclusive trans-esterification technology. As the process is not a direct condensation, the RESPLANTA® ingredients retain key attributes of the starting oils.The fatty acid composition is retained. RESPLANTA® ingredients reflect the appearance and composition of the starting oils. The unsaponifiable fraction of the starting oils (phytosterols, squalene, vitamins, etc.) are retained, unlike in directly ethoxylated oils commonly found on the market.

resplanta babassu

RESPLANTA® BABASSU is a non-ionic water-soluble ingredient that allows incorporation of Babassu oil into formulations. It adds emolliency and has foam-enhancing properties in cleansing formulations. Resplanta Babassu is soluble in water up to 15%. It is rich in short chain fatty acids, offering cleansing and light, non-greasy emolliency attributes plus good skin affinity.


1. Make lines with mascara on arm and let dry.
2. Use benchmark to determine standard number of wipes necessary for complete removal of mascara.
3. Same test using dilutions of Resplanta Babassu at concentrations of 5 %, 10 % and 15 %. (pH of solutions = 6.8 – 7.2 )


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