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Pantrofina® Remedy

Transversal Quenching Relief

Every discomfort of our skin is like a signal, that this complex organ sends us to communicate a breakdown: the interruption of a perfect balance, an lteration
of the homeostasis of the skin.
Pantrofina® Remedy is the best answer when scalp or skin are subjected to stressful situations that affect skin homeostasis.


Pantrofina® Remedy is a complex of active ingredients with

•high efficacy against dandruff and skin itchiness
•proven antibacterial properties
Pantrofina® Remedy is a fast and effective quencher of inflammation. The special combination of Amino Acids and Beta Hydroxy Acids soothes irritations and relieves itchiness caused by several stress mechanisms, promotes skin regeneration maintaining a healthy scalp. PANTROFINA® REMEDY acts as an ideal active ingredient to provide comfort for sensitive skin. It is the ultimate solution for skin and scalp defense.

mandala remedy

Pantrofina® Remedy: the proven clinical efficacy against dandruff and itchiness

Pantrofina® Remedy‘s efficacy has been proven by a clinical evaluation of the decrease of dandruff amount and itching

Pantrofina® Remedy showed to be highly effective decreasing dandruff and itchiness in only 7 days for the 80% of panel.

Mandala : a symbol of transversal beauty

Formulation suggestions:
Remedy Effective Shampoo is a special lotion type shampoo, cleanser and treatment in one

Massage it gently onto the scalp until it produces a rich foam. Leave it on for some minutes and then rinse it off. Repeat the treatment

Truly Hydrating Cream : a rich and moisturizing cream, easy to be adsorbed. Hydration efficacy is ensured by 10% of Urea. Pantrofina® Remedy offers an anti-bacterial power for a long lasting protection. Emulpharma Chroma allows to formulate emulsions without rheological agents.

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