Moripure ® Silk Aqua: Re-booting Sustainable Beauty 

Our Moripure ® brand is based on a circular sustainability process; complete recovery of sericin from silk by-products coupled with innovative bio-engineering to develop sustainable cosmetics; Silk Aqua is obtained starting from the second fraction of purification: simply a watery solution containing about 0,1-0,3% of Sericin with average molecular weight <15000 Da.

Add Sustainability to your texture by replacing water with MORIPURE ® Silk Aqua, an Active Solvent with a Sustainable Soul which adds Sustainable Hydration to your Beauty Routine for waterless formulation.

Water is the most important part of the cosmetic industry; it is blue gold. Sustainability will continue to be a key topic and water will be at the center of it. People now realise we need to save the water for the next generations.

The textile industry wastes away tonnes of water that is what we call active water. It’s full of ingredients in it, so we found a way to recover this water, purify it and offer to the cosmetics market.

The silkworm’s cocoon is made out of two proteins: fibroin and sericin. Sericin is thrown out with the waste but it is very interesting for cosmetics. It has moisturising and anti-pollution properties because it is part of the cocoon that protects the silkworm from its environment.


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Our efforts have been rewarded at In-Cosmetics Korea 2019: our Silk Aqua has won the Innovation Zone Award 2019 GOLD medal as the most innovative product! In-Cosmetics Korea hosted another highly regarded awards ceremony at the Innovation Zone on June 27, with all entries judged by an independent panel of judges including You Ah Kim from Kolmar Korea, Belinda Carli from the Institute of Personal Care Science, Mike Sohn from KCII and Chaewon Lee from Beautystreams. 

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