Moripure® Silk Aqua Wins Gold Prize @ In-Cosmetics Korea

Res Pharma Innovative Ingredients has always deeply believed in sustainability, green chemistry and waste recovery. These values are central to our daily operations and the creation of new, innovative ingredients.

Today our efforts have been rewarded at In-Cosmetics Korea: our Moripure® Silk Aqua has won the Innovation Zone Award 2019 GOLD medal as the most innovative product.

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The Innovation Zone at this year’s event was officially the biggest that the show has ever seen, led by 34 trend-driving ingredients launched within the last eight months, according to Reed. The Zone was located in the center of the exhibition, acting as a pivotal setting for R&D professionals to identify the most inspirational ingredients and product concepts. The experiential zone allowed visitors to see, touch, feel, test and be inspired by a number of formulation prototypes on display.

Why is Moripure® Silk Aqua special?

Moripure® is a real example of a circular economy, inspired by living systems: every waste becomes a resource for the successive production step.

Moripure® focuses on the recovery of sericin through a circular sustainability process. Our novel bio-engineering process allows us to use pure sericin obtained from by-products of the silk industry for the formulation of three innovative functional ingredients.

MORIPURE® POWDER SD: 100% silk powder with texturizing properties, perfect for makeup application.

MORIPURE® SERICIN: viscous gel, glycerine based, formulated without perservatives.

MORIPURE® SILK AQUA: sustainable recovery of degumming water.



The In-Cosmetics Korea 2019 Awards

In-Cosmetics Korea hosted another highly regarded awards ceremony at the Innovation Zone on June 27, with all entries judged by an independent panel of judges including You Ah Kim from Kolmar Korea, Belinda Carli from the Institute of Personal Care Science, Mike Sohn from KCII and Chaewon Lee from Beautystreams. 

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