“By giving people the power to share, we’re making the world more transparent.”
(Mark Zuckerberg)


“The ability of a body to allow the passage, through its thickness, of light radiation, and therefore the vision of objects located beyond it”.

After a complex 2020 full of contradictions and difficulties we start the new year with hope and optimism. We pursue the goal of sharing and transparency: fundamental prerequisites towards an effective and true evolution in the view of a company integrated in the future.

If 2020 was opacity, 2021 opens with brightness: January carries our key concepts: brilliance, luminosity, radiance- in one word TRANSPARENCY.

Transparency the state of being easily seen through, showing who you really are without falsehood and doubts, it’s the infinite search for authentic beauty: because, in the end, beauty is our business.

When true beauty exists, it isn’t ephemeral and it does not not fade away. It’s an ideal state to be pursued with passion and dedication, even… “chemically” speaking.

Beauty and transparency are also intimately connected from a formulation point of view. Obtaining transparent textures, in cosmetics , requires dedication and enthusiasm.

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