HYDRO-K: K-Steps for Skin Elasticity

The skin is constantly under oxidative and gravitational stress. The force of gravity is one of the main factors that causes loss of adherence and skin firmness: it all becomes a matter of elasticity! Elasticity is the k-factor of intrinsic beauty, the measure of the resistance of our cells to gravity. Only by restoring deep hydration, dynamism and resilience  our skin will be able to defend itself from gravity and stress. HYDRO-K  is a phospholipidic complex based on Galactosyl-Fructose, a sugar that delivers superior moisturization and skin elasticity. Its skin-mimetic structure confers a unique efficacy.  In vivo tested.


Preliminary results from in-vivo studies we have conducted allow us to state that Hydro-k plays a significant role in preserving natural skin elasticity.

A clinical study comparing the effect of a 2% of HYDRO-K® cream versus a placebo enrolled 10 female subjects with clinically visible slight to moderate skin atony. Efficacy – viscoelastic properties,  of HYDRO-K® was evaluated 7, 15 and 30 days after twice a day application using an optical measurement system (CUTOMETER® MPA 580 ) which measures skin release within the device using a suction/elongation method. In this study, efficacy was calculated as the ratio between the residual deformation and the maximum elongation of the skin, i.e. Skin Elasticity (R2 ). This value indicates the ability of the skin to return to its original state of recovery after a stressing event. The closer the value is to 1, the more elastic the skin.

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