Our Sustainable Water Soluble Oils

Inspired by the noble tradition of medicinal plants, Resplanta®  botanical ingredients are designed for the formulation of precious cosmetic products with high sensory impact.

The use of oils in water-based products is a formulation challenge that often involves difficulties that can prove insurmountable. Ours are water-soluble oils through a green transesterification process. This allows the use of over 20 different oils in our catalog without adding solubilisers and preserving the perfect and crystalline transparency of our creation.




Sensory Cosmos Emulsifiers

An emulsion is much more than a cosmetic product: its task is to create a sensory journey through sight, touch and smell.
Our emulsifiers are designed to be sophisticated cosmetic ingredients which make the crossing of different sensory universes possible.
Our Emulpharma® range offers formulators the opportunity to design emulsions with which to offer their customers new and exciting sensory experiences.

Emulpharma CORE®

Sensory Emulsifier

Emulpharma® CORE is a primary O/W sensory emulsifier that is characterized by its extremely soft and velvet skin feel and rich, luxurious texture. Easy to use and extremely flexible, Emulpharma® CORE is compatible with almost all cosmetic ingredients, and it is often used to incorporate difficult actives. Emulpharma® CORE is also effective in both high and low pH system.

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Emulpharma® COREOSOME

Sensory Natural Emulsifier

Emulpharma® COREOSOME is a 100% primary sensory natural emulsifier with multifunctional activity.
It is a well-balanced waxy base used to create advanced liquid crystal lamellar structure systems (oleosome). Emulpharma® COREOSOME works as an active ingredient and provides intrinsic long lasting moisturizing efficacy. 

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Cosmetic products, in addition to being “used”, must be “experienced” by your customers through engaging experiences conveyed by unique fragrances and feel.

In fact, the attention to fragrances and touch have become the crucial characteristic of all the products that are able to emerge from the hyper-competitive cosmetic market.

Resassol® allows formulator to infuse personality and character in their work, allowing them to to insert fragrances, essential oils and liposoluble substances in their cosmetic compositions or allowing them to play with the sense and afterfeel on skin and hair.


The Cosmos Essence of Solubilization

Resassol Apostrophie® is a high performance natural solubilizer, based on renewable materials and that provides remarkable
solubilizing properties for essential oils and fragrances composition.

Resassol Apostrophie® enhances the transparency of your composition, placing harmony among the different ingredients, becoming the essence of solubilization.

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Mild Green Surfactants

Enveloping, moisturizing, comforting: an intense notes at the formulator’s disposal for their creations. Delicate surfactants on the skin and of natural origin to perfect all those formulations in which foam or micelles are the solo instruments.