Sensory Cosmos Emulsifiers

An emulsion is much more than a cosmetic product: its task is to create a sensory journey through sight, touch and smell.
Our emulsifiers are designed to be sophisticated cosmetic ingredients which make the crossing of different sensory universes possible.
Our Emulpharma® range offers formulators the opportunity to design emulsions with which to offer their customers new and exciting sensory experiences.

Emulpharma Core

Emulpharma® CORE

INCI: Ceteth-2, Isotridecyl Cocoate, Ceteareth-25, Glyceryl Stearate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Ethylhexyl Palmitate
EMULPHARMA® CORE is a primary O/W non ionic universal sensory emulsifier with an extremely soft and velvet skin feel and rich, luxurious texture. Easy to use and extremely flexible emulsifier, EMULPHARMA® CORE is compatible with almost all cosmetic ingredients and it is also useful to incorporate challenging active ingredients. Used at 10%, it promotes the formation of microscopic liquid crystal structures. Stabile in a broad pH range.

Emulpharma Coreosome

Emulpharma® COREOSOME

INCI: Cetearyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate, Sorbitan Stearate, Cetearyl Glucoside
EMULPHARMA® COREOSOME MB is an 100% primary sensory emulsifier, having multifunctional activity. EMULPHARMA® COREOSOME MB is a well-balanced waxy base used to create advanced liquid crystal lamellar structure systems (oleosomes). EMULPHARMA® COREOSOME MB works as an active ingredient and provides long lasting moisturizing efficacy. It builds a thick wall around oils providing a double property effect: reservoir of moisturizing effect and higly stable O/W emulsion. Compatible with all oils of different polarities. Good performance in a wide pH range (4-9). China listed.

Emulpharma Chroma

Emulpharma® CHROMA

INCI: Lauryl Alcohol, Di-C12-15 Pareth-4 Phosphate, Myristyl Alcohol, Ceteth-2
EMULPHARMA® CHROMA is the perfect emulsifier for professional Beauty. It guarantees excellent performance at the most critical pH and in the presence of ingredients that are usually difficult to stabilize. Ideal emulsifier for professional textures such as oxidation dyes. Great Performance in a wide pH range ( 2.5-13.5 ).

Emulpharma® ECOTECH

INCI: Polyglyceryl-3 Cocoate (and) Water
EMULPHARMA® ECOTECH is a natural-derived O/W secondary emulsifier, PEG-free, derived from coconut and polyglycerols. EMULPHARMA® ECOTECH is a cold processable liquid emulsifier and an oil compatible blooming promoter. COSMOS approved, China listed.

Emulpharma® 9 EM

INCI: Laureth-9
EMULPHARMA® 9EM is a non-ionic emulsifying and solubilizing agent for O/W systems. EMULPHARMA® 9EM is recommended for cosmetic and dermo-pharmaceutical use, as an emulsifier or solubilizer for creams and gels.

Emulpharma® PG 20

INCI: Polyglyceryl-2 Diisostearate
EMULPHARMA® PG20 is a natural-derived and PEG-free W/O emulsifier useful for obtaining creams with light and fresh textures with up to 80% water phase.
EMULPHARMA® PG20 is suitable for cold processing. Main applications: protective products, baby care, sun care. COSMOS approved, China listed.

Emulpharma® AGC

INCI: Glyceryl Stearate (and) Cetearyl Alcohol (and) Stearic Acid (and) Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate
EMULPHARMA® AGC is a natural-derived self-emulsifying synergistic blend, based on anionic surfactants.
Derived from vegetal raw materials of remarkable eudermic value, EMULPHARMA® AGC can be used for an easy preparation of very stable O/W emulsions with exceptional skin feel, shaving cream, vanishing cream. COSMOS approved, China listed.

Emulpharma® ECO 10

INCI: Polyglyceryl-10 Laurate (and) Water
EMULPHARMA® ECO10 is a natural-derived PEG-Free O/W emulsifier, ideal to formulate cleansing mousses, cleansing creams, sprayable and roll-on products.
It can be used also for improving the solubility of fragrances and essential oils. COSMOS approved, China listed.

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