Emulpharma® COREOSOME

Emulpharma® COREOSOME: Sensory Natural Emulsifier

Emulpharma® COREOSOME is an 100% primary sensory natural emulsifier, having multifunctional activity. Emulpharma® COREOSOME is a well-balanced waxy base used to create advanced liquid crystal lamellar structure systems (oleosome). Emulpharma® COREOSOME works as an active ingredient and provides intrinsic long lasting moisturizing efficacy. 

Emulpharma Coreosome


Emulpharma® COREOSOME builds a thick wall around oils and this structure provides a double property effect: reservoir of moisturizing effect and highly stable o/w emulsion.

Compatible with all oils of different polarities High stable emulsions Good Performance in a wide pH range ( 4.00-9.00 )

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