Emulpharma® CORE

Emulpharma® CORE: Sensory Emulsifier

Emulpharma® CORE is a primary O/W sensory emulsifier that is characterized by its extremely soft and velvet skin feel and rich, luxurious texture. Easy to use and extremely flexible, is compatible with almost all cosmetic ingredients, and it is often used to incorporate difficult actives and is also effective in both high and low pH system.

Emulpharma CORE

Emulpharma® CORE is an extremely powerful emulsifier. Its HLB is around 9.00. At 10.00% concentration it can emulsify up to 30.00% of oil phase and makes your formulation development very easy. When it is used at around 6.00% it can emulsify up to 20.00% of oil phase. More over thanks to its texture it requires less ingredients to create your product.


Add the oil phase to the aqueous phase with homogenisation until it is uniform: when temperature is 35°-40°C, mix gently to promote liquid crystal structure, while cooling.


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