“The best protection any woman can have… is courage”

 Elizabeth Cady Stanton, American writer, women’s right activist.





“keep safe from harm or injury”
 (Oxford dictionary)

2021-W3-Structural K
The result of a collaboration between Kaspersky, leading manufacturer of digital security software and Felipe Pantone. A futuristic hexagon symbolising every digital dweller: a shield against cyber threats to make the best use of the latest IT technologies without forgetting to protect one’s digital identity

The instinct to protect is a primordial need, which has characterised human nature since its origins. The word ‘protect’ is the result of combining two Latin words: pro (‘in front’) + tegere, ‘to cover’. Covering what we love is the most natural gesture that manifests the need to protect something that is so fragile and dear to us.
We care about know-how , we care about knowledge.

Moripure® & Seripure® : protecting knowledge  

The Moripure® and Seripure® lines offer sericin from a quality waste product of the silk textile industry. Native sericin has been tested both for its anti-pollution action and its repairing activity on damaged hair. But today we have one more reason to be proud: we wanted to concretely defend our know-how with the filing of PATENT No. 102019000004757 claiming “process of preparation of sericin fractions from washing baths of the silk industry”.  Protecting the process technology behind the production of Moripure® and Silkpure® means for us to enhance the value of our ingredients and to be able to continue to offer the best to our customers, new ideas, for sustainability that leave a positive imprint of us on this planet.

Because what we do … matters to us

#waterless formulation

#hybrid make up

#saving water

#saving planet

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