The universe is an unconscious algorithm”
(Edoardo Boncinelli)



“In computer science, an algorithm is defined as a finite sequence of elementary operations, easily executable by a computer that, starting from a set of data I (input), produces another set of data O (output) that satisfy a pre-assigned set of requirements.”

Mathematics has always helped man to put order in disorder; two opposite and yet related principles, whose dualism comes from the Greek-derived opposition between kosmos and kaos.  
Kosmos means order, measure, harmony but also beauty, hence cosmetics and cosmetics. Kaos, on the other hand, stands for an order that we do not perceive to be such; unknown, over which we have no control, only because we are not able to understand it completely.

Kaos is disorder, a complex dimension that has always attracted philosophers, scientists and artists.
It is “that which blazes”, where everything is born; its the force that invites and challenges us to grasp it. It is the entropy of the Kosmos.

“In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order”
Carl Jung

This is the reason that pushes us to “put things into perspective”. 

To attribute order to disorder, or better assign order to what is unknown, is the strategy our mind uses to understand. Algorithms define those procedures which guide understanding (apparent) disorder and to develop ideas to answer a need. 
This is how our Resplanta Periodic Table was born, a versatile and immediate tool to be consulted at any time and that speaks of us, of our desire to always give immediate, simple, quick responses.

A palette of colors whose nuances present the Resplanta according to the concept of Kosmos, enhancing the beauty of order according to characteristics and peculiarities.  Nuances which range from orange to bright green to incorporate all shades of Resplanta. Bright red and orange represent the standard, biodegradable version; yellow and bright green are the COSMOS approved version.

But that’s not all… with a click each box opens up into a dedicated tab which details the main characteristics of the product, the HLB value and a dedicated formulation.  An application created ad hoc that enriches our mobile app and allows an agile and immediate consultation of our best-known brand … what else?  Have fun in exploring what dedicated solutions our  new app holds.

Having fun is the best way to understand.

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