We do not inherit the earth from our fathers, we are borrowing it from our children.”
(Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)


“The state or fact of being responsible, answerable, or accountable for something within one’s power, control, or management“.

Respond for one’s actions and behaviours: an apparently simple concept that though holds intricate and complex reflections.
When we think of our individual existence, we realize that we are only a part of this diverse world and may feel small and empty.  We are part of a greater picture on this planet – Earth – passing through and only borrowing from what is not exclusively ours.
In moments of fragility, in which we realize that this existence is only ephemeral, we must take on our own personal sense of RESPONSIBILITY and seek the ways to engage its true sense.

Being responsible means to be able to evaluate our role, weigh the weight of our actions, become proactive in a change of prospective with choices that look to the future.
Responsibility is a voluntary action, our answer to a collective welfare, to the good of our planet Earth.

…Planet Earth, my home, my place
A capricious anomaly in the sea of space
Planet Earth are you just
Floating by, a cloud of dust
A minor globe, about to bust
A piece of metal bound to rust
A speck of matter in a mindless void
A lonely spaceship, a large asteroid…

(Planet Earth , M. Jackson)

We have focused on responsibility and protection in these past years; our research team aimed at sustainable development and innovation through optimal re-use strategies.
We asked ourselves which other actions could help us manifest our respect for nature. With this objective, we focused on the sub-aquatic and aquatic environment and the coral reef – a range of new sunscreen emulsions conceived and formulated with an eco-sustainable concept.

The sub-aquatic environment is a complex ecosystem in which coral colours are a mirror of their state of “wellbeing”.

Coral reefs are the most species-rich and complex marine ecosystems. Their precious biodiversity is the result of the coexistence of various environmental and geographical factors, making them one of the most important ecological communities to be preserved. One alarm signal of their state of health is coral bleaching.
Recent studies have shown that certain sunscreens may be the cause of this phenomenon.
Resconcept Sun Eco Reef is a new generation of solar emulsions, formulated only with filters that respect the coral environment. The result of a long and hard formulation effort that now offers a wide range of nature-friendly skin solutions – respectful of the sea and the sub- -aquatic environment and designed to responsibly protect our skin.

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